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Photo by Aseel Aziz-Gomez

On Saturday, August 6, 2022, the Future of Fashion of traditional and contemporary fashion designs, dance performances from all around the world, as well as a showcase of local designers' collections. We had dance showcases by Shuling Studio, Shree School of Dance, Casa de la Cultura Hispana de Kentucky, and America Dominicci. A Pop-Up Shop of local and regional artists, a cash bar, 360-degree camera, fashion and art display, a silent auction of art and other items to benefit Casa de la Cultura Hispana de Kentucky

The “Sarah Estes Sustainable Design” competition featured local and regional designers who were selected to create two looks: one ready-to-wear and one avant-garde. We believe in sustainable fashion! At least 60% of the material used in their designs had to be from hemp fiber. They presented their looks in a runway show, and first place received $1000 in cash and a feature in a fashion editorial in Sophisticated Living Magazine. Judges included America Next Top Model contestant Laura Kirkpatrick, Sophisticated Living Magazine editor in Chief, Bridget Williams, Miss Kentucky Latina, Isabella Begley, visual artist Kiptoo Tarus, fashion designer Sarah Jane Estes, and Hanna Kirkpatrick.

We had a featured vintage collection by Lord John, and featured designers: Micah Walker Laverne Zabielski, Wren Night, Isaac Couch, Dailyn Page, Soreyda Begley, Sarah Jane Estes, April Rhain, and Brianna Armstrong. 

Visual Artists: Mercedes Harn, Esmeralda Martin and Victor Palomino.

Photographers: Aseel Aziz-Gomez, Bill French, Esther Flint, Shuling Fister, Paul Martin, and Patrick Mitchel

The production of this event is being documented by local textile artist and writer Laverne Zabielskie and it will be published as a coffee table book.


All photos by Paul Martin

Sarah Jane Estes


Model: Lynda Brown

Designer: Sarah Jane Estes

Photographer: Paul Martin

Isaac Couch


Model: Philip

Designer: Isaac Couch

Photographer: Paul Martin

April Rhain


Model: Kennedy

Designer: April Rahin

Photographer: Paul Martin

Lord John Boutique


Model: Bella

Boutique: Lord John

Photographer: Paul Martin

Wren Night


Model: Kyara

Designer: Wren Night

Photographer: Paul Martin

Laverne Zablielskie



Designer: Laverne Zabielskie

Photographer: Paul Martin

Soreyda Benedit-Begley


Model: Joslyn

Designer: Soreyda Begley

Photographer: Paul Martin

Vintage Couture


Model: Serena

Vintage Collection -Bob Mackie couture

Photographer: Paul Martin


Shuling Studio


Performer: Michelle

Traditional Chinese dress by Shuling Studio

Photographer: Paul Martin

America Diminicci


Performer: America Diminicci 

Photographer: Paul Martin

Shree School of Dance


Performer: Vibha

Photographer: Paul Martin

Casa de la Cultura Hispana


Model: Elisa

Traditional Colombia Costume, Casa de la Cultura de Kentucky

Photographer: Paul Martin

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