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Photo by Aseel Aziz-Gomez


The Future of Fashion is an immersive multi-media runway-style show that started in 2009 as a collaboration between Lexington designer Soreyda Benedit-Begley and photographer Richie Wiremen along with a small handful of models and make-up artists. Designed to draw awareness to Lexington’s multi-tiered fashion scene and to give young designers a “platform for innovation,” the event has been on hiatus since 2013 but returned in 2022 after being delayed by the 2020 pandemic.

Future of Fashion Show by numbers: In 2013, the Future of Fashion show was held at the Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts center. 35 designers showcased their collections, 20 vendors set up to sell their products, 16 hair and makeup artists, 75 models, 10 photographers, 6 event hostesses, 2 DJs, 4 visual artists, and over 25 volunteers. Media coverage of FOF2013 Lexington Herald-Leader Sophisticated Living Magazine La Voz of Kentucky Mour Magazine Tops in Lexington  


Sarah Jane Estes

Soreyda Benedit-Begley

Ellie Beltran

Carla Perry

Tatiana Aristizabal

Juan Jose Galicia

Awa Thornton

Obiora Embry

Lucy Lindahl

Chris Begley

Monica Calleja

Lazaro Gonzalez

Christopher Saucedo

Fernando Hernandez

Josh Gil

Jorge Zuñiga 

Stephanie Wang

Ekaterina Neises

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