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The Ingenia Club is a networking group for young (12-17), creative minds who come to socialize, have fun, share their ideas, and receive feedback and guidance in developing their talents. The group meets at the Living Arts and Science Center the 4th Saturday of each month in a “drop in” type of setting. Healthy snacks and drinks are provided. We have a performing/presentation area where attendees can perform or share with everyone about projects they are working on or ideas that they would like to develop. They can also provide reviews on age appropriate books, magazines, YouTube channels, TV shows and movies that they are following. They can talk about community and global happenings and share their perspective in social, political and cultural issues. We usually have special guest to talk about topics of interest for the club members.

The club  is open to anyone (ages 12 to 17) with an interest in the arts, music, culinary arts, or STEM.

The Ingenia Club was envisioned by Bella Begley, who wanted a space where young people could meet with like-minded peers interested in all types of creative activities. With the help of the Living Arts and Science Center and a grant from the Kresge Foundation, this vision is becoming a reality. The club provides a space and a framework, but what it ulimately becomes is up to you! Please join us - there are no dues or fees! Ingenia Club provides space and community for people who will create something









Ingenia Club Founder Bella Begley with her mother, Ingenia Club Program Director Soreyda Begley.

Photo by Joyce Johnson

Current Project Partners:

Photo by Mercedes Harn

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